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Are you an artist?
The answer to give always confused me. I have always found presumptuous to call myself “artist”, however I have always had the need to being creative, to express feelings and emotions, fears and passions, and to live my life strongly and deeply: other way is a waste of time.

Who is an artist?
I think an artist is anyone who chose to make his life an artwork.
Gabriele D’Annunzio inspired my about this concept, and this is exactly what I’ve tried to do with my life and I’m still doing.

This is the reason why today I’m not scared to say: yes, I’m an artist.
I’m proud of my scars: I have stories to tell and artists I meet and that I want the world to know. The courage to leave my own world and experience with people who feel the same make me feel stronger.

People who want to look deeply in their own way, who fight against the odds, people who have tasted the feeling of fullness, happiness, adrenaline and satisfaction in having done something full meaning, even just once in a lifetime.
Also people who are just curious to have a look into the lives of creative and brave souls.

That is what “Sublime Pursuit” is all about.
This project is inspired by my desire to know what there is behind the surface and aims to illustrate stories of people who are making their life an artwork, their experiences, their personal inspirations and their unique point of view.
A blending of photographs and words to tell, excite and inspire.

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