Davines: Cristiano Suzzi FW17/18

Oxidized copper, brushed brass, aluminum and rust are some of the inspirational textures and colors of the new Metallica Hair Collection, launched by Cristiano Suzzi for Davines, interpreting this fall / winter season. Location as well as the texture of the dresses, were chosen to value hair’s chromaticity of the four models, using the Easyblander technique. I c[...]

Bliss Lau: Sensual Armor

To understand in depth the work of Bliss Lau, you should read the raw and poetic literature of Anaïs Nin, study the mathematical symmetries of Mauritius Cornelis Escher and remain seated beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, looking upwards, trying to perceive its perfect structure and enigmatic majesty. I chose to follow all three of these roads, which Bliss Lau hersel[...]

An award to my "cursus vitae" and the awareness of me

“In her study years, she experimented the way of photographic art, specializing at an international level and promoting a new approach that combines images with literature, making her an important protagonist of modern cultural life”. Certificate of merit conferred to Manuela Masciadri.   A few days ago, I returned to Como, my hometown, to receive an award.[...]

Fashion Storytelling: what is it?

I'm really proud to be hosted by Fulvio Bugani (award-winning photographer: you can see his amazing work here ) at the FotoImage studio in Bologna, to talk about my new project: "Fashion Storytelling". How to find interesting stories about Brand and Products. How to build a story to tell, excite and to achieve a commercial goal. People buy not only a dress or a p[...]

MartiKa Beachwear SS17

New advertising campaign I shot for this italian/colombian beachwear brand. I chose to interpret Tanya as an emotional indian from the Amazon rainforest: pure and sensual. Brand: MartiKa Beackwear Photo: Manuela Masciadri MakeUp & Hair: Giorgia Casarotti Model: Tanya Davolio Assistants: Camilla Giulia Fortunato, Luca Malaguti Location: Studio FotoImage [...]

FEEL THE CITY: my Exhibition at White Show SS17

FROM NEW YORK CITY TO MILANO It’s the Lower East Side of NYC to give the background for an interpretation of contemporary jewelry brands, selected by Birik Butik and shot by me, expressing the vibrations and energy of the city that never sleeps. "Feel the City" images have been shown during the White Trade Show in via Tortona, 35, Milano - Fashion Week SS2017. [...]

Davines: Cristiano Suzzi FW16/17

When Cristiano asked me to photograph his collection, he told me that my way to see women was what he appreciated the most in my work: emotional, feminine and elegant. Alida, Caterina, Federica and Rosanna are the faces chosen for his FW 2016/17 Collection. This Collection is called "Portraits", and I could not be happyer to interpret it. Hair: Cristiano Suz[...]

Maria Vittoria Paolillo: from mistakes to real me

Once upon a time there was a jewelry designer. A figure self absorbed in his creative space, whose work was primarily to build his own stylistic identity, do research, experiment and find a commercial space to sell his creations. The profession was characterized by some kind of detachment between the intimacy of the mental projections and sociability of the crowd out[...]

Stefano Galli: the enchantment of truth

“Being a photographer is a personal matter. When it is not like this, the results are not convincing. If we cannot find the photographer inside the photograph, what we see does not differ from the product of an anonymous machine, capable of happy consequences, but not of an answer to form” (Robert Adams). I meet Stefano at the bus station of Bologna. He chooses the[...]

Alba Cappellieri: emerging designer, excite us!

An authoritative view on contemporary jewellery The motto of Alba Cappellieri is “Festìna Lente“. It’s a Latin expression, which lets to coexist two concepts, divergent, but complementary at the same time: speed and slowness. Literally: “Hurry slowly.” It enhances therefore a way of being, of living and acting in a safe and concrete way, projected to action and crea[...]