Davines: Cristiano Suzzi SS20

NEW HAIR COLLECTION SPRING SUMMER  Sartorial hair color inspired by Painting. The new Cristiano Suzzi for Davines Spring|Summer Collection, is made with Easyblander®. Hair is painted like as if it were a paint, mixing different colors. To tell about this original technic we built the set using real canvases portrayed the hair technic in progress. Hair: [...]

Interview for Modellenland Magazine

Can you tell us a little about you? Hi and thanks for this opportunity. To introduce myself, I’d like to share what people say about me: “Manuela writes, makes exhibitions, she goes beyond the concept of fashion photography” (La Joker ). “In her study years, she experimented the way of photographic art, specializing at an international level and promoting a new app[...]

Ode to Madagascar

Seems like a sad story. But it is not. It is an ode to Life. “I speak of Africa. And golden joys” W. Shakespeare, “Henry IV" Two people I knew just died, while living the life they chose, while they were happy. I met one of them in Nosy Be, Madagascar. A sweet golden boy in his twenties, eyes like the ocean, living his youth working in the most beautiful places i[...]

Portraits: Stone Series

This Series tells about curiosity for faces, about the charme of light and shadows drawing the shapes of a body, about the inner elegance and sensuality of every human being, about the flawless texture of a stone and the mystery of a non-place. And tells also about eyes, that always try to show us what there is behind them. The Series is in progress here: http://ww[...]

Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2019

AMET Collection 2019 Three days shooting in the heart of Milano, with two Special Guests as Testimonial and the most creative and hard worker Team. We shooted between Piazza Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza della Scala. We have also been hosted by the TownHouse Hotel, the only one with the view inside the Galleria, where we could shoot through the[...]

Davines: Cristiano Suzzi FW18/19

NEW FALL WINTER HAIR COLLECTION.  Sartorial Color and Ecofriendly Beauty. The new Fall|Winter Collection, launched by Cristiano Suzzi for Davines, is called  “Hair Stories”, and tells about natural colors, personalized by the Easyblander technique, created by the Brand. Autumn Leaves, star anise and oriental spices are the new shades proposed, always focused on[...]

The Sublimista Project

  CONVERSATIONS WITH WHO CHOOSES TO MAKE HIS OWN LIFE A WORK OF ART. Told through Photographs and Words.  For the last 5 years, I worked on a personal project. Before of being a photographer, I’m passionate about the human being. This project is merging the dots I followed in my entire life. 5 years ago, today, I understood how to blend together my work, [...]

Limoni Profumeries: Barberia Elite + Hair Studio's SS18

Gruppo Panariello is a 45 years old italian Brand, with 200 salons all around Italy and a partnership with Limoni SpA, where the pictures taken for the new SS18 Collection are shown. Gruppo Panariello is both Barberia Elite (Barber Shop division ) and Hair Studio’s (Hair Salon division ). For this spring/summer season they chose to interpret their work through a Co[...]

Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2018

An italian excellence: a Maison with more then 20 years of experience in haute-couture. I had the opportunity to interpret the new Collections 2018: both lines, Luxury and Couture. The Collection is called “Ánemos”: an ancient greek word (ἄνεμος ) that means “vital breath”. The brand chooses to speak to a philosophical and contemporary-dandy man, through two [...]

Vittoria Bonini Couture: Michelangelo Collection 2018

“To sculpt means removing raw material; but it also means digging, thinking, feeling and living in close relation with the marble until the work is done”. In those terms Irving Stone recounts the sense of Michelangelo's work in his massive "The Agony and the Ecstasy", the fascinating biography of the artist. The marble’s fever of a sculptor, as well as fabric’s fe[...]