Sartorial Color and Ecofriendly Beauty.

The new Fall|Winter Collection, launched by Cristiano Suzzi for Davines, is called  “Hair Stories”, and tells about natural colors, personalized by the Easyblander technique, created by the Brand.

Autumn Leaves, star anise and oriental spices are the new shades proposed, always focused on Sartorial Color and Ecofriendly Beauty: the soul of the Brand.

I have the pleasure to interpret Cristiano’s Collections since many years, and we always focused our shooting on the photographic technique, showing colors and shapes in the most realistic way; at the same time, we work emotionally, warming the pictures with the beauty and the eyes of the models.

Hair: Cristiano SuzziDavines
Color & Style: Valeria Bartoli & Alice Suzzi con la tecnica Easyblander
Foto: Manuela Masciadri
Models: Le Baccanti Models
Make Up: Alessio Giovannelli
Digitech: Luca Vittorio Toffolon
Set Assistants: Carolina Santarcangelo

Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines

Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines

Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines

Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines

Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-Davines

Hair_adv_campaign-Davines Hair_adv_campaign-DavinesHair_adv_campaign-Davines