To sculpt means removing raw material; but it also means digging, thinking, feeling and living in close relation with the marble until the work is done”.
In those terms Irving Stone recounts the sense of Michelangelo’s work in his massive “The Agony and the Ecstasy”, the fascinating biography of the artist.

The marble’s fever of a sculptor, as well as fabric’s fever of a fashion designer.
Hands caressing cold, hard but velvety marble.
Hands giving shape to silk and lace, soft but raw.

From this basic likeness we have developed the idea of interpreting the new Vittoria Bonini Collections, Evening and Bridal, in the middle of the Carrara’s quarries, in Tuscany, the only ones in the world that give life to the white marble that Michelangelo used to chose for his masterpieces in the far 1500’s.
We chose to shoot in the quarries, excavated inside the mountain during the last centuries, where marble is still raw, in its natural state, as well as in the creative workshop where the world’s most important sculptors work today.

Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo workshop, and the quarries themselves, are owned by Franco Barattini, a charismatic man who has built an empire, literally from nothing, passionately working hard.
The workshop is run by Professor Luciano Massari, internationally renowned sculptor and director of the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Carrara.
“We realize sculptures in the way Michelangelo used to work: everything is handmade. I personally choose the block. They are not all good. They have to be perfect. ”

In the same way, Vittoria Bonini realizes her Couture dresses: strictly by hand. She starts from the fabric, carefully chosen, soft and thin, exalting its essence, volumes and lines, making each piece unique, just like a sculpture.

This is how the rigid marbling of the marble blend with the soft fabrics of the dresses, in a unique, narrative and evocative image.
Art and fashion.
History, hands, head and heart.

Brand: Vittoria Bonini
Photo + Concept: Manuela Masciadri
Location: Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo
Models: Goda @MPManagement | Giulia @Casting
Casting Direction: Le Baccanti Management & Production
Make Up & Hair: Giovanna Fucciolo
Digitech & Logistic: Luca Vittorio Toffolon
Backstage Video: Camilla Giulia Fortunato
Backstage Photo: Daniela Damonte

Manuela_Masciadri-Cave-MichelangeloManuela_Masciadri-Cave-MichelangeloManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-Fashion      Manuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-Fashion Manuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela_Masciadri-Cave-Michelangelo Manuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-FashionManuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-Fashion   Manuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-Fashion   Manuela-Masciadri-Bridal-Wedding-Fashion Manuela-Masciadri-Haute-Cuture       Manuela_Masciadri-Cave-MichelangeloManuela_Masciadri-Cave-Michelangelo     Manuela-Masciadri-Haute-CutureManuela-Masciadri-Haute-CutureManuela-Masciadri-Haute-Cuture Manuela-Masciadri-Haute-Cuture