I’m really proud to be hosted by Fulvio Bugani (award-winning photographer: you can see his amazing work here ) at the FotoImage studio in Bologna, to talk about my new project: “Fashion Storytelling”.
How to find interesting stories about Brand and Products.
How to build a story to tell, excite and to achieve a commercial goal.

People buy not only a dress or a product nowaday, but a concept, an idea and the feeling to be part of something.

Fashion Storytelling is my way to to tell the real value of a brand: the creative soul of who brings it to life. To show who Designers, Stylists and Creatives really are, I create a product that is speaking for them, showing what there is behind their choices, their creative process and the true meaning of their creations.
Mind, Vision and Heart of those who make their dreams come true, living their life in a passionate, inspirational and strong way.

Not just a catalogue but also a narrative, emotional and commercial book.
To deeply understand the world behind the Brand.

During the event, we also have showed my “Feel the City” Exhibition, showed for the first time, during the last Milano Fashion Week.

Big thanks to FotoImage for this great opportunity and to Daniela Damonte for the backstage.
Thanks to all for coming out.
Special Event Lighing by AguerrevengoA – Restoration&Design.

Live show link: Live1 + Live2

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